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April 2019--May 2020

TheThings has been covering all corners of pop culture since 2015. We strive to make sure every fandom is thoroughly explored and discussed. Today, we offer our devoted readers articles that provide fun facts, interesting insights, and behind-the-scenes info in Movies, Gaming, Cars, and much more. Creating articles that bring readers value is our top priority, and we explore every franchise through this lens.


June 2019--- January 2020

Unwrapped Sports Network is a sports news agency that provides podcasts and articles about sports teams all across the nation. I had the opportunity to provide sports-related articles on just about any subject.


August 2017-- May 2020

The Carolinian is the UNCG student-based newspaper. The newspaper covers all Greensboro and UNCG events, and any popular current events. As a student-athlete, I've had the freedom to be able to write about my experience as a student athlete.


May 2018--August 2018

For the summer of 2018, I had an internship with, a small sports news website, that covers almost all professional and collegiate sports. I covered the Miami Heat, Pittsburgh Steelers, UNC Basketball, UNCG Basketball, and UCF Football.

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